Company Profile

Derek Hartsfield is the founder of Hinkle Lightings. He is also a speaker and writer. He writes articles on different topics for various online magazines. He has written several articles on Lightings, Fibre Optics, Telecommunication, Sports and IT related topics.

For more information about lighting and the various options available to you, you can check out our website. The website shows the reviews on the various existing lighting options. Our contact details are also available on the website.

OUR Services

Featuring the Retail Market

The major users of LEDs are mostly retail stores including

Setting the Mood at The Workplace

You would be surprised that the creativeness of lighting can affect

Industrial and Warehouse Lighting

LEDs are perfect for industries and warehouse. It helps them to work

Outdoor Lighting

LEDs can enhance and beautify the visible appearance of outdoor spaces.

Completed Projects

Energy Efficiency

For instance, while change the lighting system on the Iconic Miami Tower to LED lighting, they were able to save an annual amount of $259,767 in terms of energy, running and maintenance costs.